Free TeamSpeak 3 Server

    Create a TeamSpeak 3 server for free, With lots of options, music bot, webpanel, youtube music, stats, clock channel, and mores...

    Create my server (With panel)

    Web Panel

    A complete panel for managing your server with many options.

    Youtube Music

    Start any youtube music on your server, or even playlist. set the sound of your music


    Monitored your server, how many user over the month or days, create graph, and mores...

    No AdvertisementsAn ad free experience

    Ads help us keep free-ts3 alive. By subscribing to Premium you support us directly, allowing us to turn Ads off for your server.

    Anti-DDosOne of the best protection

    On our service, your server is automatically protected by our anti-ddos protection, never disconnect from your server.

    Real-Time BannersNo more refreshes

    Embed HTML banners that update in real-time, just like our website. Keep users on your website or forum with up to date server info.

    Create my server (With panel)Option available

    Support : Yes

    Music Bot : Yes

    Stats : Yes

    Clock channel : Yes

    And mores...

    Create my server (Fast)Option available

    Support : No

    Music Bot : No

    Stats : No

    Clock channel : No