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Welcome to Ts3-free, on this page you can create a free TeamSpeak 3 server, you will be admin of your server, and you can also add an admin rank to your friends.
We have no limit on your servers, you can add files to download on your server without limit of bandwidth.
You can even upload icons for your channels, or even use our panel to create a bot music, launched youtube music for example on your server.



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Query #163422.16 GB1.2.16-beta Teaspeak1 Days 07:14:17127.0.0.1:10103
Totals 634 57.91 GB 1.2.16-beta Teaspeak 1D 07:14:17 All


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All your servers are protected against attack ddos, no attack can put your server offline.
In this way, you can continue to discuss being friends without ever being disconnected.